About the Blog

Welcome to the Long Island Weather & Climate Blog! As the subtitle states, this blog aims to be your source for educational discussions related to Long Island weather & climate. Have you lived on Long Island for many years and always wondered why summer thunderstorms tend to dissipate before reaching your neighborhood? Do you want to know more about Superstorm Sandy and how likely an event, or at least a storm surge event, like that is to happen again? Did you get buried in snow from Nemo while your friends in Queens got a third of the snow you got and want to know why? We have the scientific background to answer all of those questions and many, many more.

Who We Are

This blog is maintained by students from the Institute for Planetary and Terrestrial Atmospheres (ITPA) in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University. More specifically, the students are mostly graduate students working with Dr. Brian Colle in the Coastal Meteorology and Atmospheric Prediction Group

The 2013-14 COMAP Group. From Left: (Bottom Row) Dr. Brian Colle, , Sara Ganetis, Michael Erickson, Ruyi Yu (Top Row) Michael Layer, Matthew Sienkiewicz, Nathan Korfe, Zhenhai Zheng, Keith Roberts.

What We Do

Our group has many different research foci, some of which are rooted in the Northeast and Long Island. Most contributors will be graduate students who will be communicating their expertise in their respective area of atmospheric science. Our group is diverse with some students using a weather model to better understand past storms and some students using statistical and climate models to better predict future storms, among other things. As a whole, we have a strong scientific background in atmospheric science, with a special interest and passion for meteorology.

About This Blog

We will use this blog to provide weekly posts that communicate our expertise on a variety of weather phenomena, climate science, and tools used for both weather and climate monitoring and prediction. As a high-profile weather event unfolds anywhere across the country, but especially around Long Island, we will provide specialized posts containing the scientific background information to better understand it.

If you have any general questions please feel free to comment directly on any post or email the blog coordinator, Sara Ganetis (sara.ganetis"at"stonybrook.edu).

We are looking forward to being your source for scientific discussion of weather and climate around Long Island, NY. After all, E.B. White once wrote, "No one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days." Trust us when we say we don't even usually carry an umbrella.

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